Important Leather Information

Full Aniline Leather

Full aniline finished leather has no added correcting or protective finish - this enhances the natural beauty of leather while emphasising the unique surface characteristics of the hide. This means that all natural markings on a hide will be visible.


Each batch of leather hides can have varying shades of colour. Aniline leather will likely change colour over time as it develops patina. We try our best to ensure that the colour of the leather presented on this website is accurate, but due to nature of digital display screens, this is not guaranteed.

Scratches, holes and bites

All leather hides usually have some combination of these, even the highest of grades. The tanneries grade a hide in its entirety and one small marking or hole doesn't effect the grade. We only purchase top grades unless mentioned in the listing.

Please note, because of the nature of the leather, we are unable to process any returns that are due to the natural characteristics of the hide.